Licensed Professional Counselor

I love my work and my clients. My office is comfortable and relaxed. So is my counseling approach. My desire is for you to be yourself and be able to talk about anything. My clients see me as very open and easy to relate to.

As a small child my family underwent family counseling. At that time I realized the impact a counselor can have on others. We were all very disappointed by our court appointed therapist. It was at that time I decided the world needed better counselors.

I have always been very interested in others and was fascinated by their lives and their stories. I’ve always had a deep desire to understand why some succeed and others fail and am passionate about helping clients overcome any obstacles to achieving their goals and dreams.

My clients and I together develop a plan to face and reduce the pain in their lives. This plan includes greater understanding and awareness of the factors contributing to their difficulties and making the necessary changes to set them free. My success rate is statistically significant for greatly reducing both anxiety and depression. There is no greater satisfaction than helping a person achieve a more satisfying and happier life.

Initially, I started out seeing individuals. I became adept at applying the standard of care (cognitive behavioral therapy) to helping them overcome their distress. After receiving my PhD in Marriage and Family therapy from St. Louis University I began seeing couples and became successful in helping them deal with the many hurdles marriages face such as; conflict, anger, hurt, rejection, disappointment and betrayal.

I realized the importance of how early attachment styles, trauma and one’s family of origin contribute to the success or failure of a marriage. My goal is to help the couple recognize and change self-defeating thought patterns and behaviors. Through new ways of communicating and greater understanding of each other, couples are equipped to solve their issues. I have a very high success rate for establishing greater harmony within a marriage. Couples are given a tool kit to take with them upon completion of therapy to continue the skills they learned.


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